Limestone Marble and Other Natural Stone Flooring Options

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Natural stone floors offer a beautiful and timeless option that are entirely worth every extra dollar they cost and investment in time they require to maintain for the simple fact that they last forever and retain their value very well. Natural stone tiles and slabs are somewhat difficult to work with due to the fact they are naturally occurring, and thus require a little more care during installation compared to manmade materials –- which is not to say that manufacturing has not improved the process, but simply that it requires a little bit more effort to get it right. The first thing to note is that there are many different kinds of natural stone products available to you. These different options offer varying benefits and disadvantages and can even vary between batches of the same material. Below, you will find a list of natural stone materials at your disposal.
Limestone is a stone product that is ideal for flooring due to the slightly lower cost compared to other stones and the natural earth tones it generally comes in. The stone does a great job at matching with nearly all furniture and other décor, but does require sealing to prevent easy staining. Installation is generally done with an adhesive and then treated like any other tile. It can last years or even many decades with proper care.
Marble is beautiful. Simply stated, it exceeds the beauty of all other stone products, and reserves additional value due to its longstanding connotation as being for the affluent and noteworthy owner, which dates back to the Roman Empire. Marble is porous, and requires annual sealant to protect against staining and seeping into the tile. It also requires some re-invigoration every few years through polish, as high-traffic areas will cause it to lose its sheen.
Granite is the strongest natural stone flooring product available on the market. It is incredibly tough, making it nearly impossible to break and is fully scratch resistant. Granite is generally used for higher-usage areas like a countertop and backsplash or the counter in the bathroom. It is heat and cold resistant, and with proper sealing is waterproof as well. Overall, granite is an ideal, but also an expensive material to invest in that will retain its value and its strength for many decades.
Slate is a natural stone product that is unlikely to stain, however does need to be cleaned of any spill as soon as possible. Slate comes in a variety of colours, shapes and textures, but rarely do they line up perfectly flat on top. As such, slate might be ideal for areas of the home where shoes are worn, which may include the entryway or a hallway. Slate is slightly expensive, but it does retain its value exceptionally well.
In truth, natural stone products are expensive and do come with some face inconsistency. They often require more maintenance than manmade products. However, this should not dissuade any person from considering natural stone because of the beauty that it offers, unmatched by any other material. Your next flooring upgrade should be in natural stone, for benefits now and into the future.